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Concerned about the presence of mold? Austin Mold Testing is the only company in TX that provides instant test results so you can quickly determine needed next steps. 

Our Services

Allergen Testing

According to the EPA, “Eight out of 10 people in the United States are exposed to dust mites.

Mold Testing

We are the only company in Texas that uses state-of-the-art equipment to test the air you breathe in real-time.

Residential Mold Inspection Services

The primary goal of Austin Mold Testing is to promote healthier living spaces within our community.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our Company offers Indoor air quality (IAQ) Testing for residential and commercial buildings.

Get Your Mold Testing Results- TODAY!

Inspect. Test. Detect. INSTANTLY!

We confirm the presence and concentration of mold in your home using state-of-the-art testing equipment that delivers instant results.


You will be met by kind, courteous, and knowledgeable professionals with decades of experience.

Saves You Money

Unlike our competitors, we perform tests on all rooms in your home at a fixed rate. Save money working with us.

Zero Conflict of Interest

We offer unbiased air and surface mold testing without a conflict of interest as we do not perform remediation services

Instant Results

Get an accurate and detailed report on the condition of your home on the spot.
No wait-time.
No hidden fees.

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Our Services

Allergen Testing

Our testing procedures identify the concentration and types of indoor allergens. Once we review the data, we recommend appropriate cleaning procedures and prevention plans.

Mold Testing

We test the air in your home for the harmful presence of microbes using cutting-edge equipment with 99% accuracy and give the results of our findings on the spot.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our Indoor Air Quality assessments are the fastest and most accurate way to understand the air you breathe. We will detect the concentrations of mold and particulate matter in real time.

Commercial Mold Inspection Services

We have decades of experience in the commercial sector and will guide you in making the correct decisions regarding the health of your building and occupants.

Mold Remediation Project Consulting

Whether you are remediating yourself or hiring a contractor, Austin Mold Testing will educate and guide you through remediation, providing remediation plans, processes, and insight.

Residential Mold Inspection Services

Our experienced and licensed consultants will thoroughly investigate your home, educating and guiding you throughout the process.

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Mold Testing

  • Receive your report instantly

  • Same day mold testing results

  • Decades of experience

  • Flat Rate of $799

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Our Pricing

Get on-the-spot results on the health of your home.

No Hidden Fees, Ever!

Our competitors might APPEAR cheaper… until you factor in all of the add-ons they charge at the time of billing. Austin Mold Testing is always $799, no extra or hidden fees!


How can you tell if you have mold in your air ducts?

How can you tell if you have mold in your air ducts?

Mold is naturally present in indoor and outdoor air as spores. Mold spores are the reproductive cells or seeds from which molds mature, provided they find a habitable spot. The spores typically form colonies around a food source and moist environment and begin to...

Do air purifiers help with mold?

Do air purifiers help with mold?

There’s so much information about molds and their control measures that it’s easy to get lost. While some of these are myths and misconceptions, others are proven facts that can help eliminate molds from your apartment. If you’ve come across information about air...

Can a new house have mold?

Can a new house have mold?

If you’ve recently bought or constructed a new house and noticed a mold problem, you might be wondering how that’s possible. A new apartment is supposed to be neat,  fresh, and mold-free since this is the first time anyone has used it, but that’s not the case...

Will mold make me sick?

Will mold make me sick?

If you’ve observed colored, clustered, and cotton-like growths in specific parts of your home, you might wonder whether these new developing organisms deserve attention. More importantly, you want to know whether they pose any threat to your health in order to take...


Jack Qiao
Very understanding mold inspector and promptly came and tested what we suspected smelled and felt like mold in our apartment HVAC system. Thank you Daniel!
Tiffany Martin Peters
Definitely recommend Austin Mold Testing to anyone! Daniel came out to my place of business really fast after contacting him. He did a thorough check and now I feel much better knowing we're in good hands.
Evan Underwood
Daniel is great. Very Knowledgeable and willing to work with you even when you have tight deadlines.
Derrick Lacy
Awesome service!
Filip Tuzson
Austin Mold Testing was fast, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend them!
Karen Johnson
Very professional. When he said the job would be fine, it was done. No short cuts. Great job. Definitely would use again.